When advertising appears naturally and conveniently, it improves the experience for users by increasing interest and engagement. Yahoo Gemini is able to increase your online sales, promote brand and app awareness, and raise the number of people who view your website. 

What is Yahoo Gemini?

Yahoo Gemini is Yahoo’s new unified marketplace that helps individuals promote text and image-based advertising and mobile search ads. Yahoo is able to help ease the search process by adding the components of creativity and scale to native advertising. Native advertising is a type of online advertising that matches the look, feel, and function of the media format in which it appears. Native advertising is often found in social media feeds and recommended content on a mobile site. 

Bringing the components of texts and images together allows advertisers to purchase, manage, and modify their advertising and mobile search in the same place. This means that when an individual searches an item or question into Yahoo’s search engine and native advertisements that are relevant to the search. The outcome of combining the two together creates a greater impact and higher performance levels for businesses, brands, and advertisers.

Yahoo’s Goal

In today’s society, page speed and mobile optimization are the largest factors millennials are impacted by when browsing on the internet. Yahoo has innovated how their users take in content, communicate, and search for information across the web. Yahoo’s goal is to create products that simplify the experience and process for advertisers. Yahoo Gemini is the newest way to help advertisers voice their products and messages efficiently and directly through mobile devices. 

Mobile and Tablet Search Ads

Yahoo Gemini is on the rise for promoting native advertisements. Currently, there are over 430 million monthly subscribers. Yahoo is able to offer advertisers the ability to manage mobile and tablet advertisements separately through Gemini. Therefore, it is easily accessible to create and manage native advertisements on Gemini on both, tablets and mobile. Yahoo Gemini campaigns are managed through Yahoo Ad Manager. This is Yahoo’s self-serve platform that allows the company to reach its audiences through the Yahoo network. 

Yahoo’s Rationale

The goal of Gemini is to increase search strategy by targeting options that include broad and exact match, keywords, and geotargeting. Yahoo is forecasting extreme growth for the mobile market in the future. Yahoo states that 95% of advertisers already purchase mobile ads, so the overall investment amount in the channel will increase immensely. In addition, Yahoo also stated that analysts project that out of every $4 in the marketing budget, $1 will be devoted to mobile traffic. Yahoo is extremely optimistic about ads, and it was shown that contextual search and native advertising is the core is for major growth within the company. 

Need Help with Advertising?

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