By: Marley Evans

As of now, TikTok is a hub for hundreds of millions of creative and fun-loving users worldwide. With billions of downloads of the app, as well as an impressive amount of average daily screen time per user, some content creators are making hundreds or even thousands of dollars per branded video. Now, everyone wants to know how to crack the TikTok code. After much speculation and rumor regarding the trending app’s algorithm, Tiktok has shared some of its secrets.

TikTok #ForYou Feed 

TikTok ‘For You Page’ is the place in the app to go to see current and exciting content. More often than not, this content has thousands of views, likes, and comments. This content is also tailored specifically to the viewer watching. Everything down to where the user lives, their likes and dislikes, hobbies, niche interests, sense of humor, and more, is saved and constantly analyzed in Tiktok’s algorithm. This leaves creators and businesses wondering how they can optimize their TikTok account in order to reach their target audience as well as get as much exposure on the app as possible. Others wonder how the TikTok app is able to be so specific and accurate in the content that it shows its users on the #ForYou feed. There are basic factors to understand before becoming a TikTok algorithm expert.

Basic Factors in Algorithm

TikTok has expressed that the main function of the algorithm is to narrow down the type of content the user wants to see. It does this first by making guesses based on information offered up by the user at the beginning of their app experience. For example, when prompted, a user may express interest in sports, cooking, and animals. From there, TikTok begins to narrow down the content to show the user b