As a small business having started with one owner and quickly growing to several employees with a host of contractors it was imperative we find a way to keep our “nightmare” a.k.a. accounting in check. Check out this post for a quick and concise recap of one of our favorite accounting resources…

Wave, an accounting software that has been growing for several years, is a hidden gem for Small Business Owners and Startups. Like Quickbooks, Zoho, and Xero it is a fully featured accounting platform capable of managing expenses, paying employees, receiving payments from customers, and more – with one major exception:

It is 100% free. No trials, no “premium” plans, just a few paid add-ons as needed.

Whatttt?! Free?! Yep, 100%, except for payment processing and direct deposit though it is either competitive or more cost effective than the other leading solutions. Wave’s core platform of accounting software is offered to business owners at no cost likely in hopes they will utilize some of the more advanced features like payment processing, payroll, and the personalized accounting service.

Well…aside from being free…

Unlike a lot of other free software Wave has made substantial effort to accommodate requests from its user base and develop a platform that meets the millennial entrepreneur’s needs while not inhibiting older service based companies (plumbers, electricians, etc.).

In our opinion one of the best features of Wave is the ability to separate your personal and business finances while keeping track of both in the same platfo