New technology is constantly being developed and introduced to numerous unconventional sectors. It has evolved the way we communicate with family and friends, so why stop there?  

Technology has become an integral part of business. It has made information and ideas more available than ever. Customer relationship management (CRM) software enables your company to function at its highest capabilities by keeping communications, projects, schedules, and more all in one place, so your business can boost sales and build customer relations. 

Finding the right CRM software for your business can be a challenge, but Blue Ridge Media has several recommendations so your business can perform at its best. 

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Four Leading Software Programs

We broke down four leading CRM software programs into two categories: usability and mobile sites.  

Salesforce Essentials 

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM that scales with your business, including no hardware or software. Their interface is designed to feel like a social media account, including a customizable dashboard. 


Lead management and conversion are some of Salesforce’s unique selling points. Some of the other features offered are quota forecasting, email tracking, data safety, building a sales conversion funnel, CLM, and a unified platform. Unlike other CRM’s, Salesforce offers different support paths for various customers; standard and premier support


Users can download the Salesforce mobile app to get access to their entire CRM platform for no charge. The app is customizable for your needs and uses metadata to display data accordingly. Salesforce is available on iOS and Android. 

Oracle NetSuite 

Oracles’ NetSuite is a business management system that offers live data and manages accounting, ERP, CMR, and eCommerce.


NetSuite would be most beneficial for enterprises and global sales. Their features offer currency conversions and data tracking by location. Other features include tracking leads, sales forecasting, and marketing automation. Customizations are supported, but they require programming. 


NetSuite is offered on both Android and iOS. Users can access all of their CRM data and dashboards on the app. 


With over 95,000 teams already, PipeDrive is trusted amongst businesses. The ability to integrate over 200 apps and sites and their mobile ap