Artificial intelligence (AI) marketing utilizes artificial intelligence technologies to make a variety of digital marketing decisions based on consumer data collected from observations. These technologies simplify the marketing process for businesses by easily targeting customers based on their preferences and previous interactions with the company, typically through online websites, social media, and the company’s website. AI can assist businesses to provide customers with an exceptional experience by utilization of predictive analytics and targeted marketing techniques, thus creating a higher return on investment for the company. 

Essentially, AI is beneficial for companies as it may perform distinct cognitive tasks more efficiently than humans. Artificial intelligence is a combination of a handful of different technologies, including machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, deep learning, and more. 

Common examples of artificial intelligence include:

  • Self-driving cars
  • Voice recognition software (Google Home, Alexa, Siri)
  • Netflix/Spotify/Amazon recommendations 

AI is used to gain insights from customer data, including big data and customer behavior, using advanced IT technology and superior computing power. Businesses can use AI every day to optimize processes, reduce costs, decrease time and improve efficiency. 

Artificial intelligence can assist in digital marketing in the following ways: 

  • Analyze customer profiles to increase personalization and improve customer experience
  • Expedite production of certain types and formats of content, including email and digital marketing campaigns 
  • Determine what content to create and when to distribute it 
  • Process large amounts of data and make more precise predictions based on patterns that become apparent
  • Anticipate customer behavior to determine and capture the most valuable leads


Increase Personalization and Improve Customer Experience

Let’s face it – traditional digital marketing techniques that worked in the past are no longer effective. With an ever-changing consumer base and fluctuating consumer behavior, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that businesses update their marketing techniques to keep up. 

In a sense, consumers expect businesses to cater to their needs. By looking at consumer behavior, demographics, and interests, businesses can increase their reach and likely create new leads. Creating a more personalized approach makes the consumer feel like they are wanted by the brand, which in turn creates a long-standing relationship. 

Improve Email Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to email marketing, AI helps marketers maximize their results by optimizing email campaigns, exclusively targeting customers in a more personalized approach. With AI, businesses can personalize their emails to consumers in a multitude of ways, based on their previous interactions with the brand. These personalizations may include time of day, frequency, and content of the email. With a diverse customer base, it is important for companies to adapt to create the most desirable experience for customers while also increasing reach. 

AI can assist in the following:

  • Writing email subject lines 
  • Writing portions of emails
  • Sending personalized emails to each prospective customer
  • Optimize send times and frequency
  • Clean up email lists

Casual man relax chatting with chatbot via mobile smart phone application with speech bubble on virtual screenChatbots

Chatbots have become an integral part of AI as they provide support to a number of customers at the same time – something a human cannot do. While humans may create a more personalized and formal experience for consumers, customers may tire quickly and potentially lose their patience. With chatbots, customers can be assured that they will receive answers to their questions quickly and easily, no matter the time of day. In addition, chatbots are easily customizable for customers by allowing them to choose the language based on their needs. Chatbots can be easily programmed to provide set replies to customers, which will easily answer open-ended questions. 

Ad Optimization

Similar to email marketing, companies can target their consumers using AI to personalize their digital marketing campaigns and display ads based on consumer preferences, demographics and interests. Engaging the customer is a fundamental part of marketing, so it is essential that companies utilize AI to ensure the most accurate personalization for each customer. 

AI ad optimization is most common in digital marketing when it comes to social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. Algorithms are analyzed to show ads that are most relevant to consumers based on their previous engagements and interests. Ad optimization provides a more fitting experience for consumers, while increasing the return on investment for the company by showing ads to consumers who are interested, rather than showing them to consumers who could care less.

Need Digital Marketing Services?

AI marketing is beneficial when it comes to digital marketing in a variety of ways. By providing the perfect combination of content with context, marketers can ensure they are reaching the right customer, no matter the campaign channel. Let BRMC help you – feel free to contact us online or call us (888) 533-1045 today!