It’s the goal of every business to grow and expand to sell to or serve every customer or client. In this developing digital world, there are several avenues you can take to promote your business. Business marketing in the digital age mostly consists of social media and other digital content that can be shared and passed around the internet with effortless ease. 

Podcast marketing is an easy way to get the name of your business out there and provide valuable content that gives you and your business credibility. Podcasts are a growing medium as people begin to transition away from traditional radio. Podcasts allow for time shifting, similar to TV streaming services. This means the entire episode is recorded and uploaded for anyone to listen at their own convenience, giving people a chance to tune-in in contrast to radio that is spoken live on the air. People can catch up on podcast episodes whenever they want and don’t feel like they “missed out” on a show or episode that was only performed live. 

This helps your business marketing as it allows you to build a collection of content that anyone can go back and listen to at any time. This is beneficial for both newer customers and long time clients because they can go back and listen to any podcast they choose. 

Woman recording a podcast on her laptop computer with headphones and a microphone.

Business Benefits

What’s great about podcast marketing is that there are several pros in contrast to the cons for business marketing. The main benefit is simply getting your business’s name out there to provide more awareness about your products and services. The more recognized your company is the more potential customers you’ll get. 

Additionally, having podcast content on your business industry and niche helps to present you as an industry expert with credibility to be referred to. This in turn will boost your company’s awareness since it’s providing educational value in addition to your regular products and services. 

Podcast marketing also forms a better audience connection between your brand and customers. Being able to hear the voice of an employee or owner gives a customer a better understanding and feeling of the way your business operates and the values connected to your process.

If you begin using podcasts for your business marketing, it also helps to develop some familiarity for your audience with your brand and company. They then become used to your voice and style and are more likely to return. 

Podcast Creation

Another great benefit of podcast marketing is that it is rather simple, even for less tech-savvy individuals. The presence of the internet had made media much easier to access. Podcasts can be recorded almost anywhere and don’t require much equipment to do so. The bare minimum you’ll need is a microphone and a way to upload your podcast audio files. However, if you’re looking to employ podcast marketing for your business, it’s recommended to buy a quality microphone and invest in some audio editing software to improve the overall quality of your podcast episodes. 

Make sure to do your research before you begin recording and listen to podcasts of competitors or from similar industries. Discover their style and form to help inspire you and develop your own. Another suggestion is to remain consistent with your style so that it doesn’t confuse your audience or make them lose interest. 

Possible Podcasts

There are several different topic areas you can address in your podcasts for business marketing. One place you can start is with news and updates within your own organization or company. Keep your audience informed with your latest products and services and how they compare to your competitors. 

Again, providing educational material about your industry niche or company’s process will be beneficial for your brand recognition. This also gives you a chance to feature guest speakers on your podcast episodes to further improve your credibility and provide more connections for your business marketing efforts. 

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