By: Sarah Lowe

Nowadays, images are a consistent part of our everyday lives. Think about how many times you come across an image and how much difference a photo makes in understanding a concept. Optimizing images for better search engine rankings is a key element when writing or posting on your website. Image optimization is just as important as understanding search engine optimization and plays a major role in setting your article up for better search engine rankings.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization on Google plays a role in ranking your content on the web.

Search engine optimization or commonly known as SEO, is optimizing your website or content to increase your rankings on the organic portion of search results. There are many aspects to search engine optimization that help boost rankings in search engine results. Content is the key to organic search rankings and helps set your website apart from others. 

What is Image Optimization?

Image optimization is creating high-quality images in an ideal format that is beneficial to your content and for the engagement of the readers. The action of image optimization includes changing the sizing and formatting along with changing the type of file and name that the photo is to best suit your needs. 

How to Optimize An Image

Image optimization is a way to engage your viewers when they are looking at your content. In small business marketing, every click, look, and browse is beneficial to the growth of the business and is a key point in growing exposure. There are many key elements to image optimization when it comes to search engine rankings.

Use of Keywords In Image Optimization

There are many key elements to search engine optimization that help increase your ranking on google search. Keywords in SEO can help improve your ranking not only in the content you’re writing but also in the photos you’re optimizing. When using images in your content, be sure to name and describe your images using the same keywords in your content. The alt text and alt description should have your keywords as the main words in describing your photos. 

Formatting Your Image

There are many types of ways you can format your images to increase search engine rankings. The file size of your image matters the most because you want to have a balance of the highest quality image with the smallest file size that you can. Along with this is the file type and their lossiness or lossless compression uses. Lossy file compression is when an image loses data and quality from the original version you started with. Smaller file size allows your content to load faster, increasing ranking in search engine optimization.

There are several types of files that you can use when using photos:

  • PNG – produces high-quality images but with large file types. These images are typically created as lossless but can be lossy as you format the image.
  • JPEG – produce lossy and lossless images, but can be adjusted for balance between quality and image size.
  • GIF – the best choice for animated images, and it only uses lossless compression. Only consists of 256 colors. 

By using these file formats, you will be able to change the quality of the images to best suit the display on your content.

Want to Learn More About Image Optimization?

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