By: Lucas Shell

If you are looking to get a head start in marketing then you need to complete these following steps and certifications to get yourself heading in the right direction. It is always important to get a head start on anything to always prepare yourself for anything. 


These are great tools that you can use on getting a head start in marketing and gain more inside knowledge. These certifications are short, online classes that only take a few hours, on average, to finish. Once you are done with reading the material, you will take a test to receive your certification. Getting these certifications can help you at job interviews with how much experience and knowledge you show in a job environment. 


Shadowing is one of the basic and first things you should always do to gain knowledge in the job field, and get a head start on your peers, if you’re still in High School. Especially in marketing, it is good to get a head start in the fast-paced work environment of media/marketing. If you can do a shadow program through your high school, you should jump at the opportunity. It can show what you want to do with their life or at least rule out what you don’t want to do. 


A great way to expand your social profile and make new contacts is by using Linked-In. This is a great tool to reach out to clients and to learn different things about the marketing industry that you are interested in. Also, you can put your resume on there and create an entire profile that can help you succeed and get a job. One of the most important ways to get a quick head start towards your marketing career is putting your resume out there for many companies to view and see your expertise.


Presentations and workshops are key to explain the ways of marketing and how to create a great and easily accessible website. It’s important to make sure the business you are marketing is succeeding by making sure you sustain a local presence, and put the right information on a website. To get a head start on marketing and be successful, you should calculate a working formula with the layout and then change up the style of the site.