By: Cecilia Bennett

Have you been looking for an easy way to retarget your website visitors? Facebook Pixel is an easy and efficient way to do just that. A Facebook Pixel enables you to retarget and gain more insights about your website visitors through the Facebook advertising platform. This is a great alternative to convert website leads through retargeting. In order to get the most out of a Facebook Pixel it is important to get a better understanding of what it entails.

What is a Facebook Pixel?

A Facebook Pixel is a special code that is placed onto your website. Every time a unique user visits your page it collects and records that visitors actions. If the unique visitor ends up completing an action on your website, like purchasing a product or completes a contact form, the Facebook Pixel will record that action. This allows you to be able to reach that customer again through Facebook advertising. By having a Facebook Pixel installed on your website you can gather data over time and retain that information for future advertising strategies.

The Importance

When you install a Facebook Pixel you will be able to have access to more insights about your website visitors. You will be able to use Facebook conversion tracking and retargeting. For example, instead of just tracking conversions like link clicks, you will be able to track conversions like contact form submissions and add to cart actions. This will help you better understand your website visitors and how they interact with your website after clicking on your Facebook advertisement. In the future if you ever need to improve your retargeting strategies,  all the data that you have been collecting through your Facebook Pixel will help you reevaluate your strategies to become more successful.

You will also be able to create lookalike audiences. This means you would be able to target people that have the same interests, likes, and demographics as people who already successfully interacted with your website. Lookalike audiences are a great way to effectively expand your consumer audience and convert leads. Since you already have collected the data you will not need to exert any extra effort to get the results. You will also be given access to a variety of Facebook advertising tools and metrics. This will give you extra tools to track your conversions and interpret your data.  


One of the easiest ways to verify your Facebook Pixel is through the Google Chrome extension: Facebook Pixel Helper. This extension is essentially a troubleshooting tool that works in the background of your browser. It quickly provides you with real time feedback about your Facebook Pixel’s performance and data. Which will help you better understand the data your Pixel collected.  

Through the Facebook Pixel Helper extension you will be shown a small number on the icon that will indicate the number of pixel events on the current page. When you click on the extension’s icon, it will give you access to a detailed overview of the page’s Pixel. This includes any warnings, errors and successes that have happened to the Facebook Pixel. Facebook Pixel Helper helps you not only verify your Pixel but get the most out of your Pixel’s data as well. 

Need Help?

If you would like a Facebook Pixel installed on your site, you can use Facebook’s detailed instructions, or you can contact Blue Ridge Media Company in Cleveland, Ohio for help with your Facebook Advertising. Our team is skilled in Facebook Advertising practices and can help you get the most out of your advertising budget. Get in touch with our team today at 888-535-2762!