By: Cecilia Bennett

Is your business getting in the holiday spirit this year? If not, this is the perfect time to start! There is no better way to engage and attract existing and potential customers with some fun holiday themed digital marketing content. Here are 5 easy ways to spruce up your holiday marketing campaign:

Be Inspired by the Holiday Atmosphere 

Yes, it is finally the holiday season! This is the perfect opportunity to have fun with your business’ digital marketing content, whether this be your social media marketing, logo, website, etc. It is an easy way to help your company adjust with these exciting times. With your social media you can create fun holiday videos and memes for your business that will help engage your customers.

Blue Ridge Media Company team members getting in holiday season for their digital marketing campaign

If you wanted to go full out with the holiday season, you can even have your logo temporarily updated with for the holiday season. Such as adding Christmas colors, a Santa hat, or snowflakes to your existing logo is a fun way to add some diversity to your normal website content. 

Show Gratitude to Your Existing Customers

Thank you script

During the holiday season, it can be hard to focus on anything except gaining new customers’ attention. However, this is the perfect time of year to express your appreciation to your loyal customers. Your current customers are the reason your business is where it is today, show them you care about your relationship with them during the holiday season! It can be as simple as sending your loyal customers a holiday/thank you card or email. Even though these seem like small acts of kindness, they can really make a difference.

Do You Have an Ecommerce Store?

Ecommerce store running a holiday season discount of free shipping

What better way to attract customers during the holiday season then having festive discount codes! Is there anything better than free shipping? Offering your customers free shipping during the holiday season on your ecommerce store is a great way to increase your conversions. Do you have samples of your product laying around your store? Use this to your advantage! Allow your customers the opportunity to gain a free gift if they make an order over a certain amount. This is not only a great incentive for your customers, it is a fun way to distribute your business’ product samples. 

Host a Festive Holiday Giveaway

Holiday season social media giveaway

Another great way to up your digital marketing campaign this holiday season is to hold a holiday giveaway on social media! The giveaway can be a variety of things from a huge discount, free samples, product or service giveaways, or gift cards to your business. Asking your existing followers to tag their friends, share and like the post are all great ways to improve your overall social media engagement. These are all ways to drive people to your content, and gain some new followers along the way. 

Get Creative With Your Content

Getting fun with holiday season digital marketing during employees into elves

There is nothing more boring than opening an email from a company just to see them drone on and on. Your customers do not want to read boring content from your company especially if they have previously done business with you. Spruce up your copy this holiday season! With fun and clever holiday centered content. Whether it’s creating a fun blog post about your new office or store holiday decorations or creating a clever meme or video about your team members as elves. I can guarantee your customers will be more likely to open your emails and  blog articles if your digital marketing content is more unique this holiday season. 

The Last Digital Marketing Team You’ll Ever Need! 

Is a new digital marketing campaign on your Christmas list this year? Whether it be website design, paid advertising, social media marketing, or content marketing Santa will have no problem fulfilling your wish at Blue Ridge Media Company in Cleveland, Ohio! Our team is here to help you get real results. Check out our portfolio, and contact us today on our website or call us at (888) 336-9406 today! Hope you all have a very happy holiday!