By Ashlynn Valentik

What Are SERPs

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. This is the output a user receives after inputting a query to a search engine. Every user will have a different result page depending on their existing user data. For Google, the most frequently used search engine, the result page may have many other features, in addition to a traditional list of websites organized in relevance to the keyword. Some of these additional features include spaces for sites that have paid to be on the front page, site links, video carousels and, no click search features.

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What Factors Determine a Sites Rank

There are hundreds of factors that determine a site’s rank. The factors will also vary depending on which search engine you’re using. The trouble is that search engines keep this information top secret. No worries though! Many of the most influential factors have been revealed through tests. An easy way to think about how ranking works is to place yourself in the shoes of the search engine. As a search engine, you want to provide the people making inquiries with the best possible sites. This means providing something safe, well structured, with good value. Secure sites that use keywords, have a quick load speed, use backlinks, and have unique information. You can also pay to have your site bumped in rank, although this is not always a guarantee. A search engine like Google will still value well-made sites over any site that just happened to pay for a better spot.

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What This Means For Your Business

Having your site, not only be on the first page of results, but also have high placement on the top of the first page is essential. Users are not interested in having to scroll very far to find what they are looking for. One of the biggest takeaways for any business hoping to invest in good web development is that it is important to implement a strategy with an appropriate balance between paid and organic search. There are benefits to paying for a higher rank but you will need to put in the work that comes with having a good organic rank regardless. This choice will depend on the popularity of the keyword you would like to use for your business. Having a well-structured site can also increase the odds that Google will display your site with its related site link. Google only does this when there are many related links to the same domain that feature valuable information for its users. 

Benefit From Google’s Algorithm 

This is good for your business because it allows you to take up more space and get noticed and it makes it easier for your users to navigate right from their search. Another feature you can take advantage of is the no-click search. While the no-click search can be a potential loss if a user is not clicking on your site to find the information, it can also be a huge gain if your website’s information is what is featured in the no-click search. This can happen if your site features valuable information that is formatted in a list or a table. Google and other search engines are constantly trying to stay at the top of their game when it comes to their user’s experience. Keeping up to date with frequent changes in search engine algorithms is essential to having a great SERP. While it can be easy to forget about the changes, search engines like to show off their efforts and will often announce changes.

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