Digital marketing describes the strategies businesses use to target their specific customers online and convince them to buy their products/services by offering a unique customer experience.

It encompasses social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing. While all of these can be handled in-house, it might be better to hand the reins over to digital marketing agencies. But when is the appropriate time to do so? We’ll show you five signs that prove you need a digital marketing company.

First, let’s review why digital marketing is essential for your business.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

Digital marketing can help any business in a number of different ways, no matter what industry or service area the business is in. Here are a few ways marketing through digital media can help:

Hand holding phone with social media on itTargeted reach/brand awareness: Your business will be seen by people who need what it offers.

Performance tracking: You can keep tabs on your marketing efforts and the results. This information helps your brand know what works and what doesn’t.

Customer engagement: Digital marketing makes interaction possible with your target audience. This provides insight into improving customer feedback by improving your delivery or other aspects of your product/service.

Higher conversions: One of the end goals of digital advertising is sales. A digital strategy’s conversion rate, or ROI, is much higher than traditional methods.

Cost-effective: Why spend so much on random ads when you can pool the budget to reach a targeted audience that will provide ROI? It’s a no-brainer; digital marketing services save costs.

When Should You Hire a Digital Marketing Company?

You know it’s time to get a digital marketing agency on board when you notice the following:

Increasing Content Demands

A digital marketing strategy requires various forms of content. Creating these different types of content can overwhelm your marketing team as your business grows. Whether it’s video production, email content or blog posts, a digital marketing company will efficiently handle all your content marketing needs as they have many qualified hands on deck in the different areas of expertise.

Your Marketing Budget Is Low

If your budget for marketing for a quarter is low, and you need maximum results, you should hire a digital marketing agency. There are many ways this saves you money. For one, you don’t have to employ individual professionals to make up your team, as these marketing agencies have all professionals at their disposal. They also have all tools on a subscription basis.

Little to No Results From In-House Marketing

Marketing team generating ideasWhether it’s drawing organic traffic, web design or influencer marketing, your in-house team may not be meeting your goals (and this is very likely). Your business will do better with professional help if this is the case.

Time Lapses in Achieving Your Set Goals

Do you need to catch up in achieving your goals? Are your KPIs screaming that you need to get a move on and fast? If you planned to reach X people (impressions) in X months, and you’re nowhere near half the number, but you’re more than halfway past the time set to achieve that goal, you need a hand (or a bunch of them). A digital marketing agency can help recover lost time.

Inability to Reach/Use Specific Channels

Social media marketing, email, content, influencer marketing, SEO, and web development, among others, make up a full-service digital marketing service. Hiring a digital marketing agency should be your following action if you have yet to scale in the social media space or successfully navigate the murky waters of email marketing. They have access to the tools, ideas and expertise needed to make every part of your marketing campaign successful.

Scale Your Business With a Digital Marketing Company

While your dedicated marketing team may hold the fort for a while, your business could use some help if you check most of the signs above. Invest in a top digital marketing agency like Blue Ridge Media Company to achieve all your growth and conversion goals. Visit our website or call (888) 535-2762 today!