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Unlimited WordPress Support

Simple Peace of Mind

Unlimited Support

BRMC offers peace of mind with unlimited WordPress support for your business website. Send us a small job, fix, edit, or change and we will get it done.

24/7 Access

BRMC’s support team is available 24/7 because when it rains it pours and you’ve probably forgot your poncho. Need emergency support? We’ve got you covered with that too.

Vital Fixes & Updates

Security, critical updates, performance improvements, SEO, daily backups, and so much more. We make it our mission to keep your website online and in tip-top shape.

U.S.A Based

Tired of dealing with overseas support teams and non-native English speaking techs? The BRMC support team is 100% US based and our goal is to communicate effectively.


Get Unlimited Support for your site.

Go to sleep knowing you won’t lose another customer because of a broken website.


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WordPress Edits
72 Hour Turnaround
WordPress Core Updates
WordPress Plugin Updates
WordPress Theme Updates
Uptime Monitoring
Monthly Performance Scan
Monthly SEO Scan
Premium Performance Pack
Premium SEO & Analytics Pack
Security & Anti-Malware Pack
Free Basic Website Hosting

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There's no fine print or catch, we promise.

Truly Unlimited Support

There’s no fine print or catch, we promise. Our team strives to provide the best support and highest customer satisfaction we can to our clients. For this reason we do have some guidelines on task duration and size. Feel free to submit as many tasks as you need and we are there to help.

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Emergency Support

First off, it will be ok. Our team is here to support small tasks as well as emergency accidents or malware crime scenes. Not all emergency tasks fall within our membership plans, however we do our best to ensure members are 100% supported in their digital endeavors.

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Spread The Word

BRMC relies almost exclusively on referrals from past and existing clients to grow the business. Have a friend in need? Send them our way and we will provide a monthly discount or one time credit on services. Receiving a referral is both a compliment and excellent way to say thank you – and we thank you!

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Still have questions?

What tasks do you support?2018-02-04T15:52:08-05:00

To ensure everyone is happy we support small fixes and tasks. This means that if a task takes less than 30 minutes to complete it is within scope, and if it is larger or more complex it is out of scope. If you’re not sure whether your regular tasks will qualify… send us a message and we’d be happy to answer questions!

What premium plugins and services come with the Summit plan?2018-02-04T15:57:50-05:00

BRMC has partnered up with a few excellent code shops to deliver only the best Caching, Image Optimization, SEO, and Security plugins available. These help to ensure you can submit requests not break fixes making our service even more valuable.

What is the cancellation policy?2018-02-04T15:53:27-05:00

Members can cancel at any time after their first 90 day period by letting us know through email or the live chat. If you’re looking for a pay-by-the-job solution we’d be happy to provide a quote, just let us know!

What does 90 day minimum mean?2018-02-04T15:48:01-05:00

We ask that all of our members stick with our service for a minimum of 90 days. You will still be billed monthly and after the 90 day period you are free to cancel at any time.

What does 24/7/365 support mean?2018-02-04T15:38:42-05:00

During the week you can expect us to be available at reasonable hours. We are human so we like to recharge our batteries at night and on the weekends meaning we only address emergency level tasks (site broken, down, etc) during these times.

How soon can I start?2018-02-04T15:36:15-05:00

After checkout you will be re-directed to a page where you can enter your details. Once we get your WordPress details and verify your site we complete your first job request within 24-72 hours depending on your plan.

How long does it take once I submit a task?2018-02-04T15:44:45-05:00

It is our goal to complete all tasks submitted within the allotted plan time-frame…but sometimes we like to get a jump on things so don’t be surprised if they are done faster. If things get swamped and your task is taking a little longer we will reach out and let you know why.

How does free website hosting work?2018-02-04T15:55:53-05:00

On our higher tier options we offer free website hosting to our members – one hosting package per site membership. Why? Providing BRMC managed hosting ensures our client sites are on the most stable, most secure, fastest servers offered.

How can I get my money’s worth?2018-02-04T15:40:37-05:00

If you submit 2-3 tasks per month then you are already getting more value than compared to hiring a freelancer. Most developers and agencies will charge $100+ per hour with a minimum of one hour billed.

Are there limits to the unlimited?2018-02-04T15:50:36-05:00

We do our best to be fair and likewise we’ve found most of our clients do their best to be fair. Our team will support a reasonable number of tasks and if we feel you’re stretching the relationship we will let you know. If you have higher level or more serious requirements we offer a wide range of custom plans. Just hit us up on chat or by clicking here and we can evaluate the best options for you.

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