Our in-house experts will go beyond average service to learn and understand your business in order to create the most cost effective PPC campaign specific to your specialization. Analyze your competitions ad campaigns to see what keywords are being targeted and how they are performing. Our experts will determine the best possible way to maximize conversions for a better return on investments….and we can provide the data to prove it.

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Google Ads

Are you looking to make the most out of your Google search rankings? Look no further. Blue Ridge Media Company is a Premier Google Partner on Google Ads. Our approach to Google Ads is  hands-on and data driven with proven results shown to you through Google Analytics. With a focus in bringing quality leads to our clients our marketing experts will go above and beyond to learn and understand your brand then determine the best possible way to maximize conversions for a better return on investment compared to traditional marketing.

Google Ads provides your company with an effective way to grow your Google search rankings. Being able to actively present your business when people search for the products and services you offer is very important. When your advertisement shows up on Google it will bring prospective customers directly to your company’s website and increase your overall website traffic.

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Facebook Ads

As of March 31, 2019 there were over 2.38 billion monthly users on Facebook. That means there are billions of people readily available to see and interact with your advertisements on Facebook. Your business can easily reach those potential customers by starting targeted Facebook advertising. Facebook advertisements allows your company to interact with like minded  people and communities. This helps provide brand awareness for your company to your target audiences.

Your company will be able to easily and effectively access people with common interests that pertain to your company. Facebook provides your company with an outlet and platform to be more authentic with your clients. This will also help you establish genuine relationships with your current and prospective customers. With Blue Ridge Media Company, you’ll get a strong and ongoing presence on social media so you can reach those people and convert!

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Bing Ads

Microsoft Advertising, formerly called Bing Ads, brings in over 4 billions searches each month. This captures 24% of the US search market bringing your ads to more people. Pair this with Microsoft’s Universal Events Tracking (UTM) system which delivers data and metrics we can use to better optimize your campaigns and in the end drive better leads to you.

You only pay when a prospective customer clicks on your ad, there is no secret charge. Take advantage of the Bing search engine and connect with a new audience. Let BRMC help meet your overall advertising goals by using Microsoft Advertising.

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Gemini Ads

Are you looking for a better way to reach your customers on their smartphones? Yahoo’s Gemini offers advertisers a way to reach mobile consumers in a clean effective way. This provides you with a way to focus your advertisements directly to people’s phones, which can result in an advantage over your competitors who are not targeting mobile audiences.

While Google AdWords focuses primarily on desktop and tablet searches Gemini allows you to get granular with your search strategy. Get in touch with our BRMC team to start reaching your mobile audience more effectively.

How We Manage Your $$


Paid Search Setup

When we set up your pay-per-click campaign, our team uses specific goals and expectations, comprehensive keywords, and competition analysis we can create the most cost-effective advertising campaign by configuring the right CPC and account budget.

Management Services

With a dedicated account manager
and on-going development strategies, we optimize for a higher CTR.
In-depth analysis and reporting help your time boost volume and reduce spending, ultimately ending with increasing conversions.

Attribution Tracking

When you are investing in an ad campaigns, it is vital to know it’s working. Whether it be a social media platform or AdWords campaign with our effective and detailed attribution tracking, we can tell you where your leads came from and how they got there.

PPC Campaign Management

We Have Pricing Plans To Suit Every Ad Budget


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per month

Management fee for PPC Campaign budget
under $3000


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$499 + 10%
per month

Management fee for PPC Campaign budget
over $3000