By: Joseph Fischer

Tik-Tok is a popular app where you can create different video content to share with the rest of the world. The app has a variety of content, ranging from following popular trends, to making funny videos, showing off dance moves, as well as giving beauty advice, and much more. At first this may not seem like the place to promote your business, but having a better understanding of the app can offer an insight into why it can benefit your business.

Understanding the Tik-Tok EcosphereYoung woman using smart phone

Tik-Tok has an extremely large audience but it also has a somewhat-varied user base. Because of this, it can be used to promote your business through social media marketing, not only to a considerable number of people, but also to a variety of possible customers that might not typically come across your services on their day-to-day use of the internet. Even though the majority of users are from a younger generation there is still potential for older users to see your product or services. It all depends on who your typical target audience is. Regardless if it’s a brand that the youth would be interested in, it can solidify your company in customer’s minds for when that time comes to acquire your services. It’s also important to note that Tik-Tok content is not only viewed on the app itself, but also shared across multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So, taking advantage of that knowledge can be useful for broadening the amount of people that view your social media marketing content.

How To Get in Touch With the AudienceGroup of multiracial students and friends watching smart mobile phones.

So how exactly would your business go about using proper social media marketing on Tik-Tok? Part of that depends on if you want to pay for their ad services, or if you want to create your own content as a way of organic marketing. Both of these options are a good solution, but they also each have their own downsides. 

Paying for Ad Space

Probably the easiest way of taking advantage of good social media marketing on the app is through paid advertisements. Tik-Tok offers multiple different ways to do this, some being more expensive than others. This is a more guaranteed way that you will be seen, more than if you made your own videos. This requires much less time and effort than coming up with your own content; however the downside is the cost, but if you have the money it’s definitely a good way to go.

Creating Your Own Content

While paying for ads may be the easier route, coming up with your own, unique content is not only cheaper, but can also help your business to come across as more down-to-earth. There are several different factors that play into Tik-Tok’s algorithm, but by keeping up with trends, you can have a better understanding of how to get views on your videos. If you’re able to successfully come up with your own trend that catches on, it can passively generate buzz from other people following it. Linking up with popular influencers is a more sure-fire way to get your content promoted, as they already have a built-in audience. If you do decide to self-promote through creating your own unique content, it’s important to note that your business should make your services clear and your company’s name easy to see.

Finding Your Place on Tik-Tok

Overall, Tik-Tok can be an excellent way of reaching a large audience by expanding your social media marketing reach. It all depends on how you want to go about doing that. Utilizing a combination of the marketing strategies above can offer a lot of potential for growing your company’s brand. Blue Ridge Media Company can help to assist you with your self-promotion on several social media platforms. Contact us at (888) 535-2762 or visit our Blue Ridge Media Company website for more information.