Cross-device attribution tracking is the future of marketing. Because most consumers have multiple devices that they access a day, marketers need to understand their journey. Cross-device tracking involves following the consumer’s touch points and buyer journey across their multiple devices to properly target them. 

Different Types of Cross-Device Attribution?

There are two forms of attribution tracking that are regularly performed by marketers. These forms are: deterministic and probabilistic matching. They track the buyer’s journey across device platforms, however they use different methods.

Deterministic Matching

Deterministic matching is the most effective method of attribution tracking (80 to 90% effective). The way this method works is that each user is connected by a unique identifier. The primary example is an email address. Whenever a consumer uses an email address to login in on multiple devices, the provider is able to track the journey. For example, if you view an ad with your Google account on your smartphone, then complete a purchase on your laptop, the company is able to connect the laptop purchase to the mobile ad.

This method is difficult for small businesses to accomplish. Typically, it is performed by larger companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook. This is because they have an extremely large user base to track and run a diagnosis on. 

Probabilistic Matching

Probabilistic matching uses many different data points and algorithms to make connections. Some of these different data points include: Device IDs, IP addresses, interests, browser type, web history, and location. Using all these different tracking methods allows for businesses to create an algorithm to generate data analysis of probabilities of a connection. Furthermore, the algorithm for probabilistic matching can use deterministic matching to help train the algorithm. 

A laptop on a desk showing data analytics of a recent analysis of their cross-device attribution tracking. Why Do You Need to Use Cross-Device Attribution Tracking?

The need for attribution tracking is growing. All businesses need to adapt and begin using this method of advertising. There are major benefits to this data collection method, such as consumer journey mapping, campaign optimization, and consumer personalization. 

Consumer Journey Mapping

The most important piece of marketing is understanding your customer. This includes how they interact, their goals, habits, and much more. Using cross-device tracking allows the marketer to get a deeper dive into how the consumer makes a purchasing decision. We get to follow the buyers along their journey from device-to-device which is a powerful tool. 

Campaign Optimization

Once you understand who your customer is and their buyer journey, you can optimize your marketing campaign. This means that you will know where to advertise, who to target, and the time to do it. Your customer is the most important attribute to your marketing campaign, so modifying your campaign based on cross-device attribution tracking is a massive advantage over competitors. 

Consumer Personalization

Your consumer also benefits from cross-device attribution tracking. This is because they can now get more personalized ads. As a marketer, you can provide them with ads that the consumer cares about, rather than an ad that appeals to no one because of how generic and broad it is.

Develop Stronger Brand

Using this method of tracking allows for your growing business to create a stronger brand image. This is through having stronger marketing material because it is more aligned with your target audience. Using cross-device tracking also allows you to advertise your brand on all the different devices that your users use. This can become a very effective method of growing your brand into something competitive in the market!

Need Help with Cross-Device Attribution Tracking?

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