When social media platforms were first invented, using them for business was not what came to mind. For instance, Facebook and Twitter were created for a fun way for people to communicate with their friends and family online. In order to appeal to the different types of people on social media, you need to have some fun with your content. People are not going to want to interact with a basic or corporate centered tweet or post.

Best of Both Worlds

Who says educational or informational content always has to be boring? If you have information that you want to portray to your followers, you can still present it in an entertaining manner. You can combine the informational content while still having a lively engagement with your followers. Create a meme, an element of a culture that is usually portrayed as an amusing image, video, text, etc., or funny infographic while still getting your point across that will grab your follower’s attention. 

Here are some great examples from Bed Bug BBQ’s instagram, a bed bug exterminator:

You would think bed bugs are the last thing people want to interact with when they are scrolling on social media, but according to Shape, people actually enjoy looking at “gross” stuff on the Internet. Especially if you use memes and funny images to get across the unappealing content, people will naturally laugh and relate to it. Also, using memes are