By: Alex Futo

Second only to Google as a search engine, YouTube is the heavyweight champion of online video platforms. With billions of users watching a billion hours of content each day, it’s hard to imagine a better home for your video advertisements. Video marketing trends suggest that incorporating YouTube video advertisements into your digital strategy could prove successful for your brand. Lucky for you, YouTube has plenty of advertising options for commercial use available to help you reach your target audience

Here’s what you need to know to successfully advertise on YouTube’s video platform. 

Looking at the Numbers

People looking at how well their youtube advertisement numbers are doing for commercial use

If you’re on the fence about YouTube, or you’re not sure if video advertisements are worth your time and money, take some time to look at the numbers. On YouTube’s website, they post dominant statistics, such as: “In an average month, 18+ year olds in the United States spend more time watching YouTube than any television network.” An impressive stat, and one that reflects how powerful video advertising can be on their platform. 

According to ‘The State of Video Marketing 2018,’ the average consumer watches more than an hour and a half of online video content per day. 81 percent of people are persuaded to purchase a product or service by watching a brand’s video. Not to mention, 76 percent of businesses have confirmed that video advertisements have helped increase their sales. These numbers are only projected to keep growing as people demand and consume more video content. 

Types of YouTube Ads For Commercial Use

So, you’ve decided to advertise on YouTube for commercial use. What are your options? Well, there are four video ad categories YouTube offers:

  • Trueview Ads – These are the usually skippable ads that begin before the YouTube video starts. There are also Trueview In-Stream Ads, which play during the video; Trueview Discovery Ads, which are display ads that pop up as recommendation videos on YouTube’s homepage; and Trueview for Reach, which says businesses will pay per 1,000 views to help reach audiences quickly. 
  • Non-Skippable Video Ads – As the name says, these are the ads that viewers can’t skip. There are two types: Pre-roll ads, which play before the video, and Mid-roll ads, which appear at the midpoint of videos that are 10 minutes or longer. 
  • Outstream Ads – These are mobile-only ads that play on partner websites and within apps.
  • Bumper Ads – These are the non-skippable ads that are the easiest to tolerate, playing for six seconds at most. They typically appear at the end of the video, hence the name “bumper.” 

Time is certainly a factor to consider when creating your video advertisements. You pay every t