COVID-19 has impacted all of us within the last few months, and it’s hit us especially hard in the past few weeks. All of a sudden, it feels like our lives have been flipped upside down. Restrictions are being placed on every aspect of daily life in order to keep the public safe and healthy, including closing non-essential businesses. Everyone is being told to stay inside in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 and “flatten the curve”. There’s been a huge surge in our sense of community, and despite needing to stay physically distant, people are finding creative ways to come together and get through the pandemic as a community. Part of coming together as a community means supporting our small and local businesses, essential and non-essential. 

food deliveredOrder Takeout and Delivery

With dine-in options closed at all restaurants, takeout and delivery are still great options to support your favorite local restaurants. If possible, try to get delivery instead of takeout, in order to minimize your contact with others. Most delivery partners, such as Uber Eats and Grubhub, have introduced non-contact delivery options, allowing you to have your order dropped off on your porch. If you’re ordering through a delivery partner, do some research to see if they’ve waived fees for restaurants during the outbreak. If they have, the delivery partner won’t take a cut of the restaurant’s profit, making delivery a safe and profitable way to support local businesses. 

Shop Online

If your favorite local store has a website and allows online orders, now would be a great time to order something online and have it delivered to your home! Since people are home more than usual right now, there’s been an amazing explosion of creativity on sites such as Etsy and Redbubble, and those are worth