Writing The Perfect SEO Blog Post


A very important aspect of SEO is the quality and consistency of fresh content. The fresh content has to have substance, but has to be targeted and purposeful to be Search Engine Optimized. It helps drive traffic to your website, but it is the easiest way to introduce new, potential customers to your brand.

The tricky part is is that search engines, primarily Google, keeps getting smarter. Its algorithm updates are driving more toward relevancy and intent. Your content needs to matter, and, if you want to get to the first page, needs to be the forefront in your industry.

There seems to be a long list of items your blog article needs to hit in only a matter of a couple hundred words. So how can you get Google or other search engines to see how awesome your content is? Blue Ridge Media Company has several SEO tips on how to optimize your blog content:


Target 1-2 long-tail keywords that match what your ideal reader or potent customer would find relevant. You want to target long-tail keywords because your audience will end up on your article when they are searching for an answer to their question.

When optimizing your blog post it is important to note that you don’t want to “stuff” or “dumping” your content with your keyword. It makes the readers experience terrible, search engines will penalize you, and it often feels forced and unnatural in writing. There are several items to consider when and how to use your keywords to search engine optimize your blog post:

  • Include keyword in Title Tag, first 100 words, URL, Meta, and in your H1
  • Use variations of your keyword
  • Include the phrase your audience is looking for
  • Keyword and variations should be 1-2% of your text