Dear Customers, Family, & Friends,

Since the day we opened our doors Family-first has always been a core value of Blue Ridge Media Company. During this time of uncertainty we want to get in touch and let you know that we’re here for you. Now more than ever, it is essential that we take care of ourselves, our loved ones, and our customers.

As the situation regarding COVID-19 continues to change rapidly around the world, we are sharply focused on:

  • Keeping our employees safe
  • Ensuring your uninterrupted service
  • Doing our part to reduce the spread of the virus

What We Are Doing

The entire BRMC team is now working remotely from home, but available for office consults.

  • We do not anticipate any impact on the efficiency of our operations
  • Our team is well positioned and prepared to function remotely for the foreseeable future
  • We feel strongly social distancing is a responsible decision based on government health and social distancing guidelines

To Our Customers

We are committed to keeping our projects up and running. The infrastructure for our hosted websites and services all reside within several Tier 2, Tier 3, AWS, Google Cloud Services, and IONOS backed data centers. This means your data is secured and you will maintain your digital presence. At this time we recommend that you use your website and social profiles to keep your customers up to date.

  • Projects will continue to proceed on schedule
  • Additional state of emergency infrastructure has been implemented
  • All services will continue as normal
  • Data is secured and digital presences will be maintained
  • Customer support will remain unchanged
  • Our team will provide screen shares and leverage digital communication channels to exceed your expectations

Please schedule a complementary 30 minute consultation if you are in need of guidance on how to market effectively and collaborate with your team in this time of crisis – just reply to this email or book a one-on-one call. We are here to support you!

Services To Consider

  • Social Media Management & Copywriting
  • Website Updates
  • Online Sales Platforms
  • Pickup/Delivery Options
  • Virtual Video Courses
  • Team Collaboration Solutions, etc.

We have also begun putting together a list of resources for business financing (short term and long term), fast iOS/Android app deployments, brick and mortar commercial sanitizing services, and other key components that may be needed which will be available online in the coming days. If you have any additional resources to share, please forward them to

As we’ve said from the outset, our commitment to help all families is at the heart of BRMC’s purpose. Our goal is to be here for you and keep navigating through this uncertainty together – and we will do everything in our power to live up to that promise. I am confident that we, as humans, as companies, and as communities, can grow stronger – but only together. Many of you have reached out to see how we can reduce the impact of this pandemic to your business. In light of this, we are offering complementary 30 minute consultations to review and discuss your opportunities as well as share ways you can stay competitive in this new landscape. From social media posts to signing up for delivery services, we will find a way to move forward. As this situation unfolds, we will continue to communicate any updates and decisions made by our team. I’m looking forward to hearing from you on how BRMC can best support your business over the coming weeks. We can make this climb together!

Stay Strong,

Mario Aldayuz

Creative Director Blue Ridge Media Company
p: (888) 535-2762 ext: 1001 d: (216) 273-2901 m: (216) 633-5906
a: 17106 Detroit Ave, Lakewood OH 44107