Having a blog is one of the best things you can do for your website to improve your SEO, engage your customers, and draw in new traffic to your site- but copywriting is more than just running a blog. Think about how many parts of your site require descriptions, explanations, and more. Your whole site depends on making your customers understand how your business can make their lives easier, and you need well-written copy to help communicate that. 

Copywriting Can Add a Human Touch

You don’t want your website to sound like it was written by a robot. In order to connect with customers, your website should have some human spark and let readers know that there are real people behind it. You’re trying to draw potential customers in and let them know that your business can make their lives easier and more comfortable. They need to know that your company cares about them, and some human touches in your copywriting can go a very long way with that. 

Give Your Customers the Information They Need

inform customersHow many times have you searched for a how-to article or looked for the answer to a question, only to end up on a blog article for a particular company? Determining what questions people are searching for answers to, and then posting articles that answer those questions, can bring in new customers. If someone searches for “how to make bread” and ends up on a local bakery’s site reading an article on sourdough starters, they may decide to patronize that bakery at a later time, all because they found the information they needed.

Copywriting Can Set You Apart 

Placing well-written, detailed copy on your site can help you stand out from competitors. If your customers are trying to choose between two companies, they’re likely to go with the one that has the most information on the topic they’re searching for. In addition, that information needs to be presented in an