By: Tyneshia Dise

A website is a formal introduction to your business. Instead of showing bland content with  generic information, similar to a business card, your website should create a personal and engaging experience for the user. Inspiring curiosity while establishing trust is a key component that will want to make an user continue to browse your website and learn more about your business. Your website communicates your business’ brand identity and works in parallel to convey your message and promote your business goals. Ideally, your website is a digital sales representative that answers any question that a user may have. 

If you haven’t seen the same results that you used to achieve with your business’ website, perhaps it is time to consider if your website is in need of a makeover. Perform a SWOT analysis of your website to determine what is and is not working. As industries such as technology, education, and service-based organizations change depending on your business your website should reflect these changes. As a rule of thumb, your business’ website should be updated every two years. When beginning to examine your business’ website create a list of questions that will help establish if you’re in need of a new web design scheme. 

Is Your Website Outdated?

While completing your SWOT analysis, one of the first questions that you should ask, Is my website up to date with current information including content and recent images? If the answer is no, then begin thinking about utilizing a professional web designer to modernize your website. Take a few minutes and research your competitor’s websites. This will give an idea as to what design options are available when remodeling your website. Investigate the links on the website, determine if it is opening the correct page and not displaying any errors. Since mobile phone utilization has surpassed most devices take a look at your business website on your phone and see if the user has the same experience on a mobile device as a desktop. Ensure that the menus are working properly and that all of the images are sized correctly including your company’s logo. 

Are You Seeing a Decrease in Leads?

Does it seem like your website doesn’t have the same effect that it used to? Have you observed a consistent decline in traffic resulting in a lower rate of conversion? These are all indications that your business’ website is in desperate need of a makeover. Improving your website design by updating content, creating calls to action, and increasing your website’s speed – the time it takes to load each page will get your website back on track. In addition, improving the SEO or Search Engine Optimization aspect of your website will increase your organic online presence. Investing in a professional web design company can help establish your business as a power player in the market. 

Is the Feedback About Your Website Positive or Negative? 

Website user providing feedback

Receiving feedback about your website from colleagues, family, and friends is a good way to step outside of the box and see what is working and where improvements can be made. Several opinions will help establish if your website is user-friendly. A website that is easy to use will compel a user to continue browsing on your website. The longer a user browses a site, the more likely he or she will become invested in the content. Once a user is invested, the chances are higher that the user will return to the site leading to conversion. 

Are You Ready for a New Website Design?

A solid web design strategy and strong content are significant elements in a successful business website. If you are ready to upgrade your website, then contact Blue Ridge Media Company in Cleveland, OH today for your customized web design solution. We’ll be happy to help you plan an affordable website design solution. Check out our website calculator to get started!