By: Cecilia Bennett

Effective website design feedback helps speed up the overall design process. The timeline for your websites can sometimes heavily rely on the client’s overall feedback of the website design and content. Web designers will do the best they can to create the client’s vision for their website, but at the end of the day it is the client that has the final say. Every web designer values their client’s feedback and input.

Here are some tips on how to give effective website feedback back to your website designer:

First Draft

It can be a very exciting time to finally see your professionally-built website that you have been dreaming of for awhile. When you receive the first draft of your website, the overall design is what you envisioned, but there are a few tweaks you want done to the content. You should not be afraid to provide concise feedback, after all this is going to be your website at the end of the day. Your website designer will not be offended with any changes or updates you request, that is why they send you a first draft of the site.

Effective Communication 

Web designers understand that clients can get super busy with running their own business. That is why it is important for the web designer to consistently follow up with their clients to keep the website on schedule. Establishing a good relationship also helps the overall website design process. 

In order for the website design process to go smoothly, it is important to have to have a good flow of communication with your web designer. Nowadays, the possibility of a face-to-face meeting can be hard to come by. However, there are other ways to provide feedback such as through email, phone calls, digital feedback tools, or even virtual meetings. As long as you thoroughly talk to your web designer about your website, any type of meeting will be effective.

Final Result

It is important for you to not feel rushed throughout the website feedback process. Providing website feedback in an appropriate amount of time will not only keep your website more relevant in your web designer’s queue, but also help the overall progress of your website to achieve a high quality final result. Your website designer wants to see your website published just as much as you do. 

Digital Feedback Tools

Some web designers, like Blue Ridge Media Company, use digital ways of giving feedback which allow their clients to provide precise comments about the overall website. Digital feedback tools give you the option to look over your new website in an effective manner. You are able to provide feedback, comments, and changes directly to your web designer. This is an easy way to supply feedback because it uses the actual live website and lets you draw, take screenshots, and identify exactly what needs to be changed and where. Being able to directly apply your feedback to the website prevents miscommunication that can happen through email or phone calls. For example, you can circle exactly which content you want to change on your website such as the wordingt, color scheme, images, overall design, and much more. These applications allow you to have access to a very easy and pain free way to provide feedback for your new website without having to arrange a time to have a physical conversation with your web designer and you have more time to focus on your business.

Looking For A Website?

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