A professionally built website can be hard to manage if there is not a support team to back up their work. Just because a website is published does not mean it will never need any maintenance or upkeep in the future. In order for websites to continually run smoothly, you need to keep up with scheduled updates. You never know when a security threat, breakage, or hacker will attack your website. If you are not properly protected, or have a support team actively checking your website, you can run into some severe security issues. This is why it is important to have a support team to actively back you and your website.

The Beginning

When you choose to have a professionally built website you are never going to be alone during the website design process. You will have a team member with you throughout the entire website design process. The team member will help you with content creation, the overall design, and answering any questions you have about the website. You are able to schedule face to face meetings, phone calls, or video meetings, which will allow your dream website to become true. Our support team is here to help put your mind at ease by answering any and all questions that come up throughout the design process.  


Just because a website is published does not mean the website will never need any maintenance, upkeep, or additional content added in the future. It can seem quite intimidating to be handed a professionally built website without any background knowledge. However, with a personalized support team such as BRMC, there is no need to worry about prior website design knowledge. You will be able to have unlimited monthly changes with an average turnaround 24-72 hours, without any hassle on your part.

However, many marketing firms have support plans that cost by the hour, or give out support credits, which can add up to be very expensive. For example, GoDaddy offers their customers “monthly credits” for their website support plans. Every time their customers submit a support task to GoDaddy’s support team, they take a credit away. This means their customers are paying a huge sum for their “monthly” support, when in reality you only get around 1-10 changes to your website a month. These support plans claim to be unlimited support, when in reality you are going to be limited to the amount of updates your website is allowed to receive for an outrageous price. It is important to research which support plan is best for you and your website.


Not only will you receive access to a support team, but your website will also be equipped with regularly scheduled updates and maintenance. Your website will need upkeep long after it is physically published. A professional support team will be able to maintain and update your websites on a day to day basis. This allows your website to continue working smoothly without any hassle or worry from your end.

New updates and versions for your website elements and plugins are constantly being produced. Not having the elements and plugins updated on a regular basis will greatly affect the overall performance and security of your website. If your we