Everything You Need to Know About BRMC

Your Boutique Digital Marketing Firm

Finding a marketing firm to get your word out to prospective clients involves research to ensure all that you need can be covered. Many companies will have a niche focus, like web design, advertising, branding, or other services.  Here at Blue Ridge Media Company,as a full-service marketing firm, we have an extensive list that is sure to fit your company’s needs.

To many people, what we offer is the background work that brings companies to the forefront. Our list consists of familiar terms, like Social Media, and uncommon ones, like Attribution Tracking. In a short conversation, explaining the functions of each service we offer is not simple. This article will summarize what we do at BRMC.

Custom Web Design

Our creative team has built websites for various industries, ranging from a simple author page to a complex e-commerce site for a well-known clothing brand. We design a digital space that reflects the values of the brand, in a creative and visually-pleasing way. In addition, we get top-of-the-line nuts and bolts installed into the website so that it functions at the best speed and is optimized for success. We also offer support options ranging from large to small, whenever you need anything edited on your website. You can focus on your business with peace of mind that your website is regularly updated, free of errors, and backed-up daily.

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Communicating a business’ style is a creative task that we very much enjoy. It creates a first impression and leaves a lasting memory. We ensure that all brand elements are consistent throughout all platforms, including logo design, colors, messaging, and tone. It is important that a business is steadily cohesive, reflecting professionalism and attention to detail.

Email Campaigns

Whether you want to reach new customers or interact with your current ones, we help develop strategic campaigns that are effective and powerful. We create emails with announcements, sales promotions, newsletters, and others. We craft your intended messages in a way that reaches your targeted audience in a creative and engaging manner.

Content Writing

At BRMC, we know how to become familiar with an unfamiliar industry. Whether it’s from the client or from our thorough research, we gather enough information to create content that is original and interesting to the seeking reader. Our blog articles are equipped with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices that help your business page keep showing up organically in search results and bring in some traffic.

Social Media

This broad category is more complex than creating fun posts and getting ‘Likes’ from friends. We have hours of training from companies like Facebook and other social media platforms in order to efficiently and effectively reach the targeted audience. We grow the social media presence with various strategies including engaging with users and regularly posting relevant material to keep the awareness alive. We also create strategic social media campaigns that produce results and gather data to improve future strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

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