Simple website designs with little to no words can look appealing to the eye, but they can be quite deceiving. You may think you want your images to speak for themselves, or that your customers do not want to look at too much content. However, most people do not know that having too little content on your website can actually hurt your overall search rankings. Google and other search engines are scanning your websites to make sure that each page has an adequate amount of quality content that is valuable to an audience.

Recommended Length

Google will dock your website’s search rankings if your content is not at least 250 words on each page. When you initially start planning your website content, 250 words may seem like a breeze to fit on each page. However, many website pages fall short of this goal. It is important to note that Google does not index any pages that are under 250 words, which essentially means that those pages do not even register in their ranking system. That means that any of your current website pages with under 250 words are not being indexed by Google, therefore not adding any value to your overall search rankings.

Search Rankings

Content is key to your organic search rankings. Without quality targeted content, you will run into a variety of problems with search engines. For example, if your website content does not contain any of your targeted keywords, then you will not rank for them. Also, if you try to “cram” your keywords into a little bit of content, it can look unnatural to not only your clients but also the search engines. This is why it is important to naturally place your targeted keywords sporadically throughout your website content.

On the other hand, when you create well written and informative content for your website, it will improve your search rankings and overall website traffic. Your website is the gateway to future business, why not fill it up with quality and well thought out content. You should be proud of the content any prospective clients would see on your website. Also, high quality content will give your business a competitive edge while engaging your current and prospective clients. Stay ahead of your competition and ensure your content is top notch.

Prospective Clients

If one of your prospective clients finds your website, but cannot find any real information on it, they might not end up doing business with you. People may feel like your website was lacking the adequate information they were initially searching for. Your website is supposed to inform your customers about your business’ products and services in an efficient and positive manner. If your website content is not providing enough information for your prospective clients they may feel discouraged from pursuing business with you. The best way to ensure that you convert your website leads is to supply your website with informative content. Even adding quality service an