By: Aubrey Bechter

Instagram is a great opportunity to grow your online presence, boost brand awareness, and increase engagement. Here, we will be discussing some of the ways that can help you expand your business’s engagement and reach your customers on Instagram that will assist your digital advertising campaign.

What is Instagram? 

Instagram is one of the fastest leading social media platforms that can act as a beneficial marketing tool for businesses. From sharing photos and videos to live streaming, this social platform has a wide range of features that can allow for a successful marketing campaign. Instagram is the ideal social platform to attain new customers, engage with a larger audience, and promote products and services. When it comes to social media, Instagram creates an authentic, transparent way to promote content, which in return helps raise brand awareness and builds trust amongst customers. Incorporating Instagram to your overall digital advertising strategy will ultimately benefit your business in these following ways: 

1. Be Specific and Set Goals

Business partners point to goals with pens as a concept of team planning for business goals.When running an Instagram marketing campaign, it is important to have an aligned strategy that is specific and precise. By implementing an attainable goal and creating content to support your marketing campaign, this will allow for a unified, successful campaign. Whether it is increasing product or service sales, driving more traffic to your website, or increasing brand loyalty, be specific on how to attain these goals. For instance, setting a specific goal, such as being more responsive and engaging with customers, will increase strong brand loyalty and assure your audience that they are heard. 

 2. Create a Measurable Instagram Marketing Campaign

Your company should also construct a measurable marketing campaign through engagement with your content in relation to your follower count, likes, and comments. Consider how many users are viewing your content especially through the use of Instagram Stories. Understanding the results of your content is important and one of the most vital components to running a successful Instagram campaign that will benefit your digital advertising. 

3. Know Your Audience Text sign showing Who Is Your Audience Question concept of who is watching or listening to it.

In order to run a successful digital advertising campaign, it is important to understand how your users are interacting on Instagram. Knowing your audience demographic, when your followers are the most active, and what type of content they engage with will allow for a more tailored approach. By understanding your audience composition, you can compose relevant posts and meet your audience’s needs.

4. High-Quality Scheduled Content for Your Marketing Campaign

Planning and organizing scheduled Instagram posts in advance is important in order for your marketing campaign to run smoothly. Having a timeline of when to post your content, as well as creating interactive, high quality content, will encourage users to like, repost, or comment on your posts throughout your campaign. Writing captions ahead of time and having an order to when you are going to post will increase productivity by offering more time to focus on engagement with your users more frequently once it is launched. Whether your strategy is Instagram user-generated contests or launching a new product, remember to create high quality content and posts for Instagram that will assist your digital advertising campaign. 

5. Maintain Consistent Branding Across Digital Advertising

Presenting a marketing campaign with a consistent message and visual style enables your audience to understand what you have to offer and creates an identifiable brand for your business. Making sure that your page and content is uniform will be more important than ever. The power of design is not going to sell itself. You can’t have an amazing brand design and an okay product or service. Having brand consistency is what will engage with users and allow your business to be easily recognized. 

Are you interested in enhancing your online presence on Instagram? 

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