Humans are visual creatures. Almost everything is more easily explained when a visual aid is involved. The same goes for your products or website.

Learn how display ad campaigns help you grow a following for your business much quicker!

Show People What You’re About with Display Ads

The worst thing for any business is to fade into obscurity. With display ads, you get the word out about your website or product easily. The customer sees what you want them to see. Using enticing visuals can hook people in and make them want to look at your display ads. 

What is a Display Ad campaign?

Display ads are essentially the billboards of the internet. They are mainly seen on social media websites. They can be a picture or a short gif, whichever gets your brand out there and noticed. 

The most used display ad service is Google AdWords- and with good reason. Google is everywhere, and most prominent social media websites display their ads. Google Ads reach around 90% of internet users.

Most ad services allow all display ad sizes. As with most ads, cost varies depending on size. Other than sizes, they offer all sorts of tools to make the best ad you can. Depending on what service you use, you may get suggestions on what wording to use, along with fonts and colors that may effectively reach your audience.

When Should You Use Display Ads?

Display ad campaigns come in handy when you’re selling a product. We all know the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and with display ads, it really rings true. Showing your customers what you’re selling is better than telling them.

You should know that it’s fairly easy to target who you want to show the ad to nowadays. Instead of relying on a search engine to consider your site to be relevant to people, why not just let ad networks show the relevant people your site through a display ad?

Targeted ads have become the norm. These ad services take the information gathered from numerous sites you visit or your search history. Using this information, display ads are sure to reach people who’d be interested.

Why Display Ad Campaigns Work

Human eyes process pictures much faster than words. Using pictures and colors to subliminally influence people’s decisions is the oldest trick in the book because it’s effective! For example, restaurants like to use the colors red and orange because they stimulate hunger in our subconscious.

Another thing you should note is that most display ad services provide multiple analytics tools that can make your ads more effective and nail down what works and what doesn’t. You can have full control of your resources. You’ll know if a specific demographic isn’t responding to your ads instantly, and you can take action as soon as possible. You can either stop the campaign, change the demographic, or improve your ads without wasting another dollar on an ineffective campaign.

What to Expect from a Display Ad Campaign

It’s rare to go wrong with display ads. Your ad is likely to reach people already somewhat interested in what you have to offer through ad targeting. Things like age, area, and even advertisements that were clicked before all contribute to targeting. 

Retargeting is perhaps the best tool display ads have to offer. If someone visits your website or product page, your ad will pop up for them way more often than it would have before. This method puts your product or site on their mind. Companies have seen as high as a 204% return on investment (ROI) when using retargeting ads.

Increase awareness of what you have to offer. Sometimes that can be the hardest part. Display ads get your information out there for people to see. 90% of internet users said that ads influence their purchasing decision. 

Nothing gets your brand out more than display ad campaigns. With all kinds of statistical tools at your disposal, you can advertise with extreme efficiency. Display ads are an excellent investment for any budding web company.

Ready to Start Your Display Ad Campaign?

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