Attribution tracking is a way to digitally track the journey of your leads and customers. All of your potential customers leave behind their own digital footprints. This digital footprint encompasses everything that your leads do while on the conversion journey. These actions or “touch points,” give you valuable information about what interests your leads. You can use these beneficial insights to your advantage by showing them relevant content and information.

The Essence of Attribution Tracking

There are four options your business can use to track your leads: contact forms, phone calls, email clicks, and e-commerce. Contact forms are the beginning of the journey your leads take to eventually become customers. Phone calls are another way for your business to analyze your leads. In today’s world, everyone has a smartphone they use constantly, so it makes sense that the majority of people contact a business through a phone call. Since the most popular way to contact a business is through a phone call, it is essential for your company to track those calls.

Email clicks are an additional way for you to map out the path your lead takes with your business. Through email clicks, you are able to view which part of the email a lead clicks on, and therefore determine which aspects of your email marketing strategy is a success. E-commerce is crucial for a product-based company’s attribution tracking. This is the final part of your tracking journey, where your lead becomes a customer and purchases one of your products or services. You can use this crucial data from these four aspects to learn more about the goals and needs of your prospective customers.

Basics of Touch Points

Touch points are the methods used to keep up to date with different attributions. The touch points are collected from a set of data that is then evaluated through attribution software. The attribution tracking software will prioritize certain touch points based on which source of attribution you want to focus on. There are two main ways touch points are analyzed: single touch and multi-touch. Single touch examines just one point and multi-touch evaluates more than one point to find out the success of the marketing tactic or campaign.

Single Point and Multi-Point Options

There are a variety of ways for a tracking software to accredit the conversion made. Single point has four possibilities for the software to assign credit: first touch point, final Google AdWords touch point, standard touch point, and last touch point. Multi-point has three choices: all touch points, divided between all,  with the most value to the first and less value to the rest. Make sure you carefully analyze your marketing priorities before choosing which touch point method your business wants to select and focus on.

How is This Service Beneficial To My Business?

Attribution tracking gives your business an easy way to monitor the digital steps your leads take. It also gives you the ability to find out which marketing strategy (emails, online ads, blogging, etc.) could be working the best for you. The greatest part is, you do not have to constantly watch over the tracking. Each time a lead is established through an attribution source, you are instantly notified. This service provides you with the power to increase the conversion rate and further the growth of your business.

Ready To Start?

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