By Marco Balic

With countless people locked indoors, now is a better time than ever to make sure your website is in peak condition. Effective website design is key to bringing in potential customers, even during these volatile times. But where does one start when updating a website? What aspects of the design should you dedicate the most attention to?

The goal of a site is to convey information to those who need it. By tidying the layout, targeting your preferred audience, and improving search visibility, you can go above and beyond with this goal in mind. To help you get your site optimized for search engines and geared towards potential customers, here are key questions to get you started.

Is the Layout Intuitive for a Potential Client?website design layout

A well-designed website is a practical one. When someone visits yours for the very first time, core information about your business should be readily accessible. This is why a well-designed landing page is crucial – but getting a potential client acquainted with what your business does should go beyond the first click. For example, making sure an About Us page is in sight can go a long way in making sure visitors know who you are and what you do.

What are your core values and services? What makes your brand stand out against competitors? How could your team be reached for more information? Organizing and presenting information in the right manner means that anyone who visits your website can answer these questions with ease. It helps to think from the perspective of the visitor when you’re choosing what needs to be changed about your website.

Does the Design Keep the Audience in Mind?

If you know your audience, then your site should, too. Will the appearance appeal to the kind of clients who would benefit from your service? Do your articles/blog posts use the right tone, directed at the right audience? When updating your website, take a deeper look at how you present information. Everything from flashy graphics to formal language can impact which customers you successfully draw in.

Try putting yourself in the shoes of a potential client. Are you drawn in by how the services are described? Is the visual style pleasant and up to your standards? Is the language straightforward, or inviting – or does it just feel over saturated? Do the graphic design choices draw your interest and help convey a message?

Is the Site Optimized for Search Engines?

A lot of thought goes into conveying the right information – but what about getting that information seen on Google? “SEO” may be a flashy abbreviation, but simplicity is a key component of having Search Engine Optimized writing. Concise language and an accessible layout will bring it more favor. In addition, keywords are central. By using keywords that describe your services in articles and titles, potential customers will find your website quickly and easily connect their problems with the services you offer. Just be careful not to over complicate the language! When updating your site, consider trimming unnecessary features and improving keyword choices to nudge it towards the top of people’s search results.

Website design optimized for devicesA mobile-friendly website has a higher chance of being favored by search algorithms. Smartphones are a popular method of web-browsing, so optimizing your website for them will help it keep up with the browsing habits of customers. An effective mobile experience makes your services much more accessible and gives your business a lead in the rankings of popular search engines!

Need Help Updating Your Site?

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