Apple is preparing to change the way things are done with their new iOS 14.5 software update. Among fixing bugs and issues, this new iOS update affecting Facebook ads will also affect privacy and the way data is tracked. With this new update, Apple will require every application on the App Store to prompt any user about tracking their data. 

For sites and software like Facebook and Facebook Pixels, this will change the way data is tracked, since consumers will now have to consent to their data being tracked. Whereas before, there was no prompt, and data would be tracked regardless. Now, if a consumer opts out of data tracking, the application should not track their data any further. Since consumers can now choose whether they would like their data to be tracked, it will lessen the amount of data available for things like attribution tracking. The end result being a significant decline in hyper-targeted (personalized) advertising as well as many ads no longer being relevant to the user.