Apple is preparing to change the way things are done with their new iOS 14.5 software update. Among fixing bugs and issues, this new iOS update affecting Facebook ads will also affect privacy and the way data is tracked. With this new update, Apple will require every application on the App Store to prompt any user about tracking their data. 

For sites and software like Facebook and Facebook Pixels, this will change the way data is tracked, since consumers will now have to consent to their data being tracked. Whereas before, there was no prompt, and data would be tracked regardless. Now, if a consumer opts out of data tracking, the application should not track their data any further. Since consumers can now choose whether they would like their data to be tracked, it will lessen the amount of data available for things like attribution tracking. The end result being a significant decline in hyper-targeted (personalized) advertising as well as many ads no longer being relevant to the user. 

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Changes With the iOS Update Affecting Facebook Ads

Anyone opening an app using an Apple device with the iOS update affecting Facebook ads installed will be prompted with a choice. A consumer will be able to consent to whether or not they want their data to be tracked by the application. This choice will directly affect the pool of data that applications usually add to through data tracking. If a user or consumer opts out of data tracking, an application will not be able to follow their data points to see where they ended up on an application or website, or how. 

Data has become valuable over the last few years as the internet has grown, and this new change that comes with iOS 14.5 will dampen the amount of data available. 

What Your Agency Will Do

Your marketing department or agency should guide you through these changes to have minimal impact on your business. Many marketing agencies are aware of these changes with this iOS update affecting Facebook ads, and have been anticipating them and the way they will change things going forward. There will be a few extra steps, for a marketing agency, to take care of on behalf of you and your business.

Domain Verification

One of the first things we’ll do is verify your website domain. This is usually a good practice to perform at any time, but especially important for these changes in regards to Facebook Pixels. Having all of your website domains verified will make an easier transition for Facebook Business Manager to keep track of your business information. 

Single Domains for Conversion Tracking

A marketing agency will next select one domain in the Tracking section for ad creation on Facebook, in order to make sure ads are not paused when iOS 14.5 comes out. After the software this iOS update affecting Facebook ads is released, a business will not be able to track an advertisement across multiple domains, if shown to a user who has opted out of data tracking. Selecting one domain to track will make sure that ads will continue to run, even after this new Apple update is out and running.

BRMC Guarantee 

As we mentioned earlier, marketing agencies know about this iOS update affecting Facebook ads and anticipate the way that they will affect processes and other businesses as well. Our marketing agency is actively following the steps above for all of our clients in order to keep advertising efforts up to speed and running, without any gaps or missing opportunities. We wanted to inform our clients and partners about these changes, as well as how we plan to address them moving forward. 


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