By: Cecilia Bennett

You may be thinking to yourself, my website is beautiful, I get compliments on it from my family and friends all the time, so why am I not getting any legitimate customer leads from my website? No matter how attractive or functional you believe your website to be, without proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) foundational techniques, you are unfortunately destined to fail from the start. 

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

First, in order to understand why your website does not have any organic traffic, you will need to understand what Search Engine Optimization is. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of optimizing your website in order to increase your organic rankings. SEO web design requires a variety of techniques in order for your website to be successful organically. Starting with some foundational techniques will greatly improve  your chances of moving up the search engine result pages. 

Why Is SEO Web Design So Important?

SEO Web Design Aspects: ranking, content, seo, and keywords

Your prospective customers need to be able to easily find you online, so how do they do that? By showing up on the first couple pages of search engine results pages. When building your new website, it is important you are using a web developer that not only can design you a beautiful and functional website, but also understands the foundational SEO techniques. Having proper SEO web design essentially equals free traffic to your website! Here are just a few reasons why your website might not be getting leads:

Zero Keywords

SEO keyword research and implementation is one of the most important steps in the website process. If the keywords you want to rank for are not even shown in your website copy, how can you expect to appear  on the search engine results pages (SERPs)? Doing proper keyword research and competitive analysis must be done before starting anything with your website.

No Content on Your Website

If your website has no content, search engines will have nothing to index, let alone rank your website in their results. Making sure your website has enough content is crucial for your overall SEO web design. Having little-to-no content, not only reduces your chances of ranking organically, but also lowers your credibility with your customers. Establishing your website as an industry leader takes effective and unique website copy. 

I Don’t Want to Redesign My Website, How Can I Still Improve My SEO?

It can be extremely frustrating to have a website that is not performing well after you spent thousands of dollars building it. However, the first step to improving your website is realizing that your website needs help. Once you realize your website is not performing well, it is important to reach out to a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO. They will first perform a website/SEO audit to see where they can help improve your website. Again, it does not matter how long ago you had your website redone or designed, if there are foundational SEO web design mistakes, you may need a full website makeover, along with an SEO plan. It all depends on the scope of work needed to get your website up to SEO web design standards. 

Yellow new blog post alertStart Blogging

An effective way to improve your SEO without redesigning your website is starting up a blog. Having a blog on your website, not only adds new and unique content for search engines to index, but it also opens up another area for your website to include keywords. Search engines love to see that you are consistently adding new content to your website and a blog is the easiest way to achieve that! 

Need Help With Your SEO Web Design?

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