When your website is not working properly it can put a halt on your entire business. Whether a plugin or theme update broke your site, or you just need to update your outdated content, a WordPress Support Plan can significantly help. Here are just a few reasons a WordPress Support Plan may be the best for your business:

The Ability to Keep Your Website Up-To-Date

Notification for new WordPress update

If you are not continually updating WordPress, themes, plugins, etc. you are making your site vulnerable to security issues. Updates are released to make your site perform better. However, most small businesses do not have the time or ability to constantly keep their overall site updated. This is where a WordPress Support Plan comes into play. When you sign up for a support plan you won’t have to worry about the tedious WordPress updates, and the ever guessing game, will this update break my site? You can leave your worries and problems in your support team’s hands.

Did Your WordPress Website Break?

One of the main reasons for a WordPress Support Plan is to have a team that understands WordPress, and what it takes to keep your site working at optimal performance at all times. If you enroll in a WordPress Support Plan, it will be okay. Not only will your professional support team be available for small tasks, but they can also help with emergency accidents or malware crime scenes. Not all emergency tasks fall within our membership plans, however WordPress Support Plans do their absolute best to ensure their members are 100% supported in their overall digital endeavors.

Continually Refresh Your Site’s Content

Is your business running a sale? Do you need a new pop-up? Did you just add a new service? Your customers rely on your website to have the most updated content for your business. If you are not consistently updating your site’s content you can lose out on valuable business and customers. Still, these edits can be extra work that your small business may not have the time or resources to complete. However, if you sign up for an unlimited WordPress Support Plan you can have a team available 24/7 to help you make these changes with a quick turnaround. So, if you are running a sale next week, you can have a pop-up ready to go live as soon as the sale starts, informing your customers immediately. 

Adding/Updating Ecommerce Products