What Is A Call Whisper?

A call whisper is a short message that quickly plays as a phone call is answered, right before the caller begins speaking. A call whisper, also called “call screening,” can help you delineate between work calls and personal calls, and even help with lead generation. Phone calls are often the go-to for reliable, yet quick communication, but additional features, like a call whisper, can improve their functionality. 

Double Phones

As cell phones were introduced and evolved along with the rest of business and technology, the convenience of having a phone in your own pocket became clear. More people began to step away from traditional landline phones and personal, as well as work calls, were being directed to personal cell phones that could now include additional communication, like text messaging and emails

The first solution, before the call whisper feature was introduced, had businesses registering a “second” or “business phone” for employees. This was to create a clear differentiation between a “work” and a “personal” phone call. Before a call whisper feature was added, employees knew that if the “work” phone rang, it was work-related, and to prepare accordingly. 

This undoubtedly became a hefty expense for businesses to provide employees with a separate phone just for work. Between the cost of the phone itself and the phone service bill, businesses were spending portions of their budget just to keep work and personal phone calls separate. A call whisper quickly became the obvious solution to this new issue. 

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Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers were created by different companies to provide a new way of separating work and personal phone calls. Users with cell phones could register for a virtual phone number that would be directed to their personal cell phone. This got rid of the need for a second cell phone, without having to give out personal information to potential customers or clients. 

Essentially, your cell phone would have 2 numbers associated with it. One would be registered as your personal number through your cell phone company, and the other would be a virtual phone number, registered with a third-party company to be your “work” number. A call whisper is offered as an additional feature to either screen these incoming calls or notify where the call is coming from. Some virtual phone number companies offer additional services that can help track where your call came from

Call Whisper

Following the introduction of virtual phone numbers, the next issue arose – how could someone tell the difference between a work or personal incoming call? A call whisper was introduced as a new way of identifying a “work” call versus any other call, without the need for another phone. A call whisper feature can feed into lead generation by filtering out potential spam phone calls for the company or employee. 

Call Whisper as an Additional Feature

When you answer a phone call from your virtual phone number with a call whisper installed, there will be a pause before the conversation begins. A recording will play, usually an automated voice, to let you know that the incoming call is work-related. An example might be, “Business call for ____ Company.” This message will be short and quick just to inform you of the type of call so that you can be aware before the conversation begins. 

Lead Generation

A virtual phone number with a call whisper can help you create more leads, since you will be able to quickly figure out the difference between work and personal calls. Using either a virtual phone number or a call whisper can give you more peace of mind when handing out your phone number. You can feel more comfortable answering the phone, in hopes of lead generation, without wondering where the incoming call is coming from. 

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