By: Marco Balic

Not as personal as text messages, but more than mere digital flyers – emails are key to building and engaging with your audience. A study by McKinsey & Company concluded that, when it comes to acquiring customers, email marketing is 40x more effective than Facebook & Twitter marketing combined, even in an age ruled by social media. This shows just how important emails are when it comes to effective lead generation.

But how do you start this type of marketing campaign? Making one isn’t a single-step process – at least, if you want it to be as successful as possible. A little bit of patience will go a long way into generating leads for your business through email marketing.

Making an Email Marketing Campaign

Copywriting, branding, and a whole lot more come into play when you’re trying to market through people’s inboxes. The average ROI of email marketing lept from about 32x in 2018 to 42x in 2019, based on data from the Data & Marketing Association. Let’s take a look at the process behind this lucrative form of marketing so that you can also enjoy that 4200% return on your investment!

Goals & Lead Generation

Want to start a successful campaign? Start at the drawing board. You need to know who you’re marketing to and what you want them to do. Should they visit your website or schedule a demo? What about your brand & services should they know about? Would they benefit from a newsletter of your own, if they already know about your business? By having clearly defined goals for your audience, the core message of your emails will benefit from a sharper focus. This is the ticket to generating new leads (or staying engaged with past clients).

Effective Copywriting

Before you get started on any HTML or flashy templates, focus on the copywriting. What your text says is just as important as how it looks. Your prospects need clear information that sounds inviting and human-like; the more conversational your writing can be (while still using the right tone of voice for your audience), the better. Also, make sure each individual email has a message that it makes clear. This will help your email stay focused as it guides the reader towards the end goal: conversion. 

Visual Design

Now that you know what to say, it’s time to make your messages shine. Use an eye-catching subject line, and make sure to add proper footers with your personal/business information. But if you want to leave a good impression on totally new prospects, it’ll take more than a simple text email. Try using an email creation tool or building off of a pre-made template! Just make sure to keep these tips in mind:

  • Use brand colors & fonts
  • Keep the visual style consistent
  • Use graphics with links & alt text
  • Use CTA buttons
  • Optimize for mobile
  • Test drafts on different devices

Doing this will take up lots of time, but is very well worth it. The possibilities are endless, so in order to stay efficient, focus on your email’s core message and goal!

Launching Your Campaign With ESPs

As any business owner knows, there’s a lot of marketing tools out there. If you want to send bulk emails that won’t be easily written off as spam, then a must-have tool for you is an ESP (email service provider). The most robust ones offer tools for creating your emails and sending out regular newsletters. They also boast better deliverability – a higher chance that your emails will properly reach prospects’ inboxes.

You may be unsure which emails will perform the best, but you’ll never know until you try! A/B testing is a feature worth using to see which emails succeed more than the others. And don’t forget about the power of automation! Investing in a bulk email solution is worth it if you don’t feel like manually clicking “send” hundreds or thousands of times. Make sure you’ve got the tools you need before you set your plan in motion!

Having Trouble With Email Marketing?

Lead generation, email copywriting & design, setting up automations… Creating a campaign can cost you lots of time and patience – unless you have experts to back you up! We’re BRMC, a digital marketing agency that can do it all: email marketing, copywriting, SEO, graphic design, and much more. Contact us online, or call us at (888) 535-2762 to see how we can help you!