Does your business have a website? Most small business owners don’t. In fact, according to a recent survey by Visual Objects, 29% plan to use a website for the first time in 2020. Usually, when small businesses first think about having a professional website built, they think they cannot afford it. However, that is completely untrue. A professionally built website can not only be attractive and properly optimized, but it can be very cost-effective too! Competition in the market is tough, we are going to break down the main costs and features that go into a general small business website build.

Domain Name & SSL Certificate

Domain name

One of the first steps of having a website built is buying the perfect domain name for your small business. Picking a domain name is very important because it will be the face of your online brand for years and years to come. Luckily, purchasing a domain name is very affordable. The price of your domain depends on which type of web host or registering website you choose to use. The typical price of a new domain ranges from $10 – $15 per year, which is very reasonable. 

An SSL (secure socket layer) Certificate helps protect and increase trust between your customers by sending the information to the server utilizing secure technology. Adding an SSL Certificate to your domain is crucial and actually more affordable than you think. If you entrust a professional website company to build your website your domain should automatically come with an SSL Certificate. Contrary to what most will tell you SSL certificates (in most cases) are actually 100% free and can be automatically issued by the hosting server. If your web host or website developer asks you to pay for the creation or installation of an SSL certificate we recommend checking out BRMC’s hosting options

Overall Site Size

Website sitemap