The state of the world and of business has changed drastically in the past few months. Suddenly, small businesses all over the country are experiencing a marked drop in productivity, profits, and more. Some small businesses are even having to shut their doors. Bringing your business online is absolutely vital even in normal circumstances, but especially so during the coronavirus pandemic. Implementing online ordering, delivery, and other services from the comfort of your customers’ homes is more important than ever. Here are some valuable tips on how to set up an online presence for your small business. 

Step One: Set Up a Website

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Having a website is essential for most businesses these days. Your customers need to be able to engage with your business from home, outside of business hours, and on the go. Typically small business owners believe they could never afford a professionally built website, but they are truly mistaken. A professionally built website can be visually appealing and very cost-effective too! 

Your website should include an “about us” page with a description of your company and its mission, a list and description of your products or services, a “contact us” page, and a way to book services or order products online. Depending on your business, you may need to add more specific pages, but this should give you a good foundation. 

Step Two: Have a Social Media Presence