If you’re a business owner, executive, or marketer, you already know how important good copy can be for your company’s growth. Blog writing is one of the best copywriting options to improve your business’ website and contribute to this growth. Your company might already be invested in blog writing, or you might be exploring ways to make better, more consistent posts. One valuable option to consider is investing in website copywriting services, like freelance writers. Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of blogs and why outsourcing your blog content to freelancers is a feasible and profitable option for your business.

Why Do I Need Blogs on My Website?

When a business considers all of the tasks needed to be handled during the workday, website blogs often get put on the back burner. Unless the business uses external website copywriting services, employees might not have the time to even think about blogs. Blogs may be an afterthought for new business owners or marketers, but they actually prove to be extremely beneficial to websites. Here are just some reasons why you might need blogs on your website:

Drive Traffic and Create Leads

The more blogs you have posted on your website, the more access people will have to finding it. Relevant, consistent posts allow your business to reach prospective customers, which in turn will create more leads and conversions. Blogs are a great way to reach new visitors organically, while increasing your overall internet presence. 

Increase Brand Awareness

Quality blogs not only increase your brand awareness, but also improve your search engine rankings. Blogs with relevant keywords and significant information naturally rank higher in search queries, which will allow new people to notice and recognize your brand more easily. 

Engage Customers

When it comes to engaging your audience, you can’t rely solely on sales pitches or product information. Instead, blogs aim to engage potential customers through relevant, interesting articles. Your website’s visitors will want to click and stay on your website if the content they are shown is appealing and engaging. 

Increase Credibility

Along with increasing your brand’s awareness, blogs also make your brand more credible. Posting frequent articles that are relevant to the product or service you are selling establishes a sense of trust between your business and potential customers. Through blogs, you are not only able to answer questions, but also show your audience that you are knowledgeable, trustworthy industry experts.  

How Can Freelance Writers Help?

It’s no question that blogs improve your website and business overall. But if you’re wondering if external website copywriting services can help, you should consider hiring freelance writers to handle your blog writing. Although hiring the right writers takes time and thought, the benefits are worth it. Here are some ways freelance writers can foster the growth of your business.

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Save Time

Having just one blog posted on your website every few months doesn’t generate the traffic that frequent posts could. But posting blog articles on a regular basis can take a huge chunk of time away from your day-to-day schedule. Luckily, other website copywriting services can help and give you peace of mind. Well-written blog posts can take hours to write, and giving the work to freelance writers can let you and other employees focus on other important tasks. If you’re already weighed down with all the other workloads of content marketing, freelancers take on the work of blog writing and help you maintain a consistent posting schedule.

Save Money

Instead of hiring a full-time, in-house writer to handle your blogs, investing in website copywriting services like freelancers might be a better option. Freelancing is a flexible way of doing business, so you can choose what you want and how much you’re willing to pay for. If you’re just starting out, your budget may only have room for a part-time freelance writer. But as your business grows, you might want to give your writers more frequent tasks. This scalable option lets you use your budget wisely and saves you the money you would otherwise be spending on a full-time employee.

Writing Expertise

You might have all the expertise and knowledge about any subject your blogs focus on, but do you have the writing abilities needed to write several well-written posts in a timely manner? Website copywriting services can help make your blogs high-quality if writing isn’t your strong suit. The best freelance writers are experts that can bring new ideas to your team, and can apply their skills to blog writing. These writers know how to create engaging content, and they know how to write the perfect blog post using keywords, internal links, anchor text. Additionally, these outsourced website copywriting services bring a level of diversity to your content. Instead of pulling from your own knowledge and experience, you can find expert freelance writers that have experience with specific markets or topics. 

Does Your Business Need Website Copywriting Services?

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