By Clara Rodriguez Seto

Being able to generate the right leads is key to getting potential customers to know about your small business marketing. Once you have already started your digital marketing campaign, it is time to work on increasing contact with potential customers. Why would you settle for word-of-mouth to get your business out there? 

How Email Marketing Can Help Your Small Business Marketing

60-70% of your business comes from your loyal customers. To keep your customers engaged with your small business and to find new ones, email marketing is crucial. Email marketing is more effective than people believe. One of its benefits is that it can be set up to be automated and can also be sent in bulk.

Keep Your Customers Engaged

To get started with your email campaign for small business marketing first, you need to know what you want to tell your customers and how. Why should they be interested in your products?  What is the best way to get the attention of my specific customers? If you don’t want your emails to be received as spam or end up in the trash mailbox, you will have to spend some time designing your campaign.

Create the Right Design

Your main focus when designing your email campaign should be the layout. What is the most eye-catching way to display your content? You will have to use the right font and your own brand or company’s colors. It is important to be aware of what you are transmitting to your customers through the design of your email.

When writing the email it should sound personal and appealing to your target audience. What is the best way to say what I want my customers to know or do? Email campaigns should help you build a relationship with your customers.

Why Should You Start a Display Ads Campaign?

According to Google Ads, display ads are found on over three million websites, over 650,000 apps and across other platforms such as Gmail and YouTube. They are found in the form of a picture or short video or gif. They are used as a method to attract people to click on them and land on your website or product. 

Make Them Eye-catching

Make sure that as the focus you have the product or service you are trying to market. Don’t use an overwhelming design with too many colors or fonts that are hard to read. The call to action should be sharp and clear such as “shop now”, or “register here”. 

Easy to Reach Your Target Audience

Have you ever been scrolling on social media and saw a product you were just searching online? Display ads are already targeted to people that have clicked on a specific website or searched certain keywords. One benefit to note is that they use multiple analytics tools that will help you take action, in case your campaign is not working. This allows you to change it on time and make it effective. 

Display ads use geofencing which will help your ads reach potential customers that match your small business marketing. Geofencing uses the users’ locations to deliver targeted ads. For example, if you are in Lakewood

Woman using computer on table with new email message on laptop, communication connection message to global letters in the workplace.scrolling through Instagram, ads from businesses from the area of Lakewood will pop-up on your phone.

Americans spend an average of 6.5 hours a day being on their phones or computers. Display ads are a great way to reach a very large number of users that match your target audience.

Boost Your Leads Using Professional Copywriting

In order to get your small business marketing going, investing in professional copywriting is key. Search engine optimization (SEO) can position your website on the top of Google search results. To increase your website’s traffic it is important to create valuable content that will link back to your website. 

Blogging & Copywriting 

Bloggers and copywriters are helpful to increase a company’s exposure. For example, if you want to cook a recipe, you might look for a blog post to follow it. Maybe you are going to visit another city, you will also look for a blogger that explains what are the best things to do and visit. Such articles will have internal links that will redirect them to your website.

Professional copywriters will optimize your content to help with your small business marketing. It is important to use the right keywords, and creative content, but also credible content. The content has to aim for specific goals that are associated with your company and keep the readers interested

Need Help to Get More Leads?

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