By: Sarah Lowe

In the age of social media and online marketing strategies, a common form of communication is being thrown by the wayside: phone calls. There are many benefits to phone call communication that can set your business apart from others. Here are some of the key standouts with phone call communication. 

The Importance of Phone Call Communication 

Phone call communication is one of the simplest but most effective ways of communicating with your customers. Although it may be a slower form of communication compared to other communication outlets, it has more interpersonal benefits than other forms of communication. A phone call or face-to-face conversations are the fastest and best way to get a personal response from someone. Other forms of communication like emailing or text messaging lets you put a message out there and then only hope for a fast response. 

White phone hanging by a cord

Benefits of Phone Call Communication

Here are some of our favorite tips on how phone call communication is beneficial: 

Phone Calls Hold More Than Just Words

One of the most common issues that people face when sending an email or a text message is that the person on the receiving line will take the message in a different tone than the tone meant by the sender. Voice tone plays a major role in phone call communication and increases the effectiveness of the message that the caller is trying to convey to the listener. 

Phone Calls Are Faster

Phone calls are often looked over as a form of communication, but are one of the fastest ways to receive an answer or solution to a conversation. Messages that are sent by email or text can often be set aside or left open, with no response to the sender in need of an answer. With a phone call, the answer can be solved immediately and your work can continue without the wait time for an answer! 

Everyone Knows How to Answer a Phone Call

With the age of social media and technology at an all-time high, keeping up with the speed of new forms of communication can be harder for people to understand. Almost everyone has a cellphone that they know how to operate enough to pick up a phone call when you are calling. Remember that not everyone has an email, or is able to understand how to use text messages or social media apps that are community used as a communication outlet. 

Phone Calls Can Be Tracked To Improve Your Business

Understanding how your results from the marketing efforts you put into your business starts with knowing when and where your leads and conversions are being generated from. Phone calls hold the most valuable conversion because they generate more reliable leads. Being able to track phone calls and where they are coming from can help improve your overall conversion rates. Accurate information is the key to understanding the customers coming to your business, and by using phone call tracking, you can better improve the marketing efforts you are putting into your campaigns. 

Interested in Learning More About the Benefits of Phone Calls?

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