By: Marco Balic

Over the past couple of decades, using social media to stay in touch with others has become a way of life for many. Whether you’re scrolling through your Twitter feed, sending pictures to friends on Snapchat, or building your network on LinkedIn, connecting with people online forms daily routines that are here to stay. But what if your business could enter into someone else’s social media routine?

Social media management unlocks a new way to grow your business and connect with your target audience. If you’re a small business owner, regularly managing social profiles for your brand (on top of your brand itself) seems daunting. However, with the right tools and goals, it is well worth it! If you want your business to stay connected and grow during times of social distancing, social media marketing is not just a luxury – it’s a necessity.

The Power of Social Media Management

The most important reason for any type of marketing is to generate leads, and this does just that. What makes it different from an email campaign or paid advertising is that people will be viewing posts from your profile: a representation of your entire business. That representation carries with it company and business status, photographs, and much more to engage with an audience on a more personal level than other forms of marketing.

Creative Ways to Grow Your Audience

Social media is all about personalization. It’s the perfect opportunity to have some fun: interact with your followers, use emojis, and maybe share some memes related to your services. While you should make sure your language and graphics align with your branding and target audience, don’t forget to use a lighthearted approach. Share a pet pic or a helpful article. Make spotlight posts about each of your staff members. Give a shoutout to a business partner. There’s lots of ways to grow your audience and engage with it!

Memes can help convey messages in an engaging way. Just take a look at these ones from the Instagram page of Bed Bug BBQ, a bed bug exterminator:

Memes are a simple and hilarious way to share what your business is about. This makes them great for capturing people’s attention while they’re scrolling through their Instagram feed. Don’t be afraid to have some fun!

Communicate With Your Audience

social media audience

Social networks were created with interaction in mind. And conversations are a two-way street – it’s not just you who’s doing the talking! You start the conversation through posts, and clients (whether they’re prospective or familiar faces) respond through replies/comments. People interested in your products or services can directly message you for more information. Successful social media management creates dialogue, which opens the door for great opportunities for your small business.

Stay in the Know & Monitor Your Presence

Use that search bar to your advantage! What do people say about you versus your competitors? What sort of posts do your competitors make? What hashtags do they use? What local businesses could you connect with or even offer services to? Scouting the competition and learning new ideas will help you stay on top as you grow your follower base.

Good reputation management requires you to build a reputation and monitor its progress. Social networks are crucial because they help with both! While clients may message you with concerns on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere, your reputation is about more than just handling complaints – it’s what people think when they see your brand. So, make sure to keep tabs on what people are saying to/about your business, and use your posts to build your brand identity!

Social Media Management Costs Time!

The biggest drawback of managing a business account on social media is the time cost. Creating meaningful content to post regularly is hard when you’re trying to keep a business up and running! There are plenty of solutions online for managing multiple accounts, scheduling posts, and more. But even if it’s well worth the time, proper social media management is a challenge to undertake. Not to mention that there’s so many networks one could use

Interested in Social Media Management?

Are you wasting time on the what, the when, and the how of this important form of marketing? BRMC can help you! We’re a digital marketing agency in Cleveland, OH specializing in social media management, graphic design, websites, and everything in-between. You can contact us online or call us at (888) 535-2762!