Search engines have become so popular that “Google” is listed in the dictionary and used as a verb for searching information on the internet. You and your company are aware of how important search engine optimization is to your digital marketing efforts. Good search engine optimization can get more clicks on your site and help your business gain new customers. We will tell you why you should stay up-to-date and how much it can help your business.

Maintaining Websites & SEO

Good news, your company might already be keeping up with some SEO trends! Many things that your web developers do to keep your website fresh and functional helps with your placement when someone uses a search engine. Some of these factors are your website’s loading speed, making a mobile-friendly website, and fixing broken links focus on good user experience. Search engines like Google and Bing want to promote sites that give the user a good experience. This helps their reputation when they lead you to well-structured websites. If these trends are already taken into account, you are already moving in the right direction with your SEO and digital marketing strategies.

The Ever Updating SEO AlgorithmsA person sitting at a cafe while using a mobile device to search the internet using a search engine

There is a lot that is considered when Google and other search engines list websites within their search engine results pages (SERP). Search engines let you know a few of the factors that they consider when they look at your website, some of the behind the scenes aspects of the algorithm are often hidden. As mentioned before, mobile-friendly sites have a higher organic ranking. This is a factor that has officially been acknowledged for a few years now by Google. People have a good idea of what is taken into account for these factors through speculation and testing SEO methods. More often than not, trends that pop up on the internet factor into search engine algorithms. For example, a previous trend in SEO was to put in as many keywords as possible to your content. Eventually about 10 years ago, Google started  penalizing pages that had a keyword density over 2%. As a result, the trend then became having quality content. They have an even better chance of being factored in when they change the way we use the internet. We will cover one of those potential trends right now.


Shift To Video Marketing

Video platforms have grown to take up a lot of the online space. You could argue it started with YouTube all those years ago. Video marketing currently has a huge impact on organic ranking, with popular search engines having a video tab on all result pages. You could argue it’s been further solidified with the rise in popularity of social media platform TikTok. Many other websites have provided their own form of content that are short-form videos. Basically, there is a shift to the internet where users are consuming more video content now. Another popular argument is that Google likes promoting video content more because they own YouTube. Similar to user experience, it could simply be that having video content shows your website has value to the Google algorithm. Any way you look at it, this is something that will cause many companies to focus on video content to boost their search engine optimization.


Why New Content Helps Digital MarketingTwo people sitting at a teble working together to improve digital marketing through SEO

Whether it is video, blog or any other kind of content, you will need to keep new and fresh content on your website. Search engines will view a company that comes out with a blog or a new video as a website that will help their users find the information they searched for. If this is not happening, your website might end up being viewed as an inactive site and will hurt your chance of being found in a search. This is a balance, because if your content becomes too repetitive or doesn’t portray value, you won’t get a boost. Theoretically, you could “double down” on SEO by having a schedule of new content and have the post be a content trend (ex. video or long-form blog).


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